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Mid North Coast Council
Port Macquarie Hastings Council
Central Coast Council
Belmont Golf Club                                                Muswellbrook Shire Council
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The Design Partnership –TDP - is a multi-faceted urban design studio providing creative and cost-effective solutions for the built environment. Our services are based around the two core disciplines of planning and urban design, and include:

  • CPTED – crime prevention through environmental design
  • Place Making - for urban and regional settings
  • Master Planning - for town center, residential, commercial and recreational precincts
  • Culture – integrating quality of life consultation,  research and urban design
  • Architecture  - specializing in apartment, retirement living, sporting and recreational facilities
  • Sub division  - green and brown field planning and design

Collaboration underscores our approach to urban design. As our name suggests, we believe urban design is a partnership: between ourselves and our clients, allied professionals, project stakeholders, communities, government authorities and their environments. It’s important to us that our urban design projects pass muster and delight all players.

Small but beautiful

We’re a small team and, although we’re multi-talented (and modest!) we can’t do everything - so we sometimes operate under what we call a ‘fluid teams’ approach. While many urban design projects easily fit our in-house expertise and experience, some may occasionally warrant the voices of other specialists.

No design consultancy can presume to have an in-house group of people who are all at the very top of their game. With some providers, your project may be left at the mercy of interns, lesser players and perhaps over-worked individuals who may not really be able to focus their best attention on your needs. In the end, you may not get what you were hoping for.

No robots

At TDP we never routinely approach your project with the standard ‘robot’ crew.  You deserve the best, so wherever additional specialist skills might be required, we bring in the best people we know – but always under the control and direction of The Design Partnership. TDP will always be your direct and only personal point of contact..

Clients and projects are unique

If you project is one that does require other specialist input, our fluid teams approach will see the collaboration of one or more trusted experts.  For another client, we may involve a completely different set of people – but they will always have a proven track record for excellence. Fluid teams – its how we deliver the quality you expect.

Specialists that we might sometimes engage may contribute expertise in:

  • Architectural Documentation
  • Public Art and Cultural Planning
  • Social and Economic Planning
  • Indigenous issues and requirements
  • Environmental and Bushfire Assessment
  • Project Management and Cost Consultancy Services

It’s your money

We are sometimes asked: “What is your house style”. Sadly that implies that whatever we do is about us and what pleases us – rather than what works for you the client.

We are not, as they say, ‘black skivvy’ architects. Your project is important to you - and we respect that fundamentally. If something we design is award worthy – that’s fine. But it should not be the driver. We will never try to convince you that a pretty picture is what you need if it doesn’t fulfill your project criteria.

After all – it’s your money.

CV available upon request.